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North Vietnamese Viet Cong SKS Ammunition Belt Pouch


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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This is a belt pouch which holds 40 rounds of 7.62x39mm on stripper clips. They were designed to be worn on the belt.

Many NVA and VC troops carried one pouch like this on their belt as a reserve or when they did not need to wear the full AK or SKS chest rig.

This one, like most NVA issue gear, is ChiCom made.

There are a few variations of this pouch to the long molded leather rectangular to the rounded body type. Some had belt loops that were long and hung above the top of the pouch. Like most ChiCom gear sent to Hanoi, some had markings and some did not.

The Soviets, East Germany and some other Warsaw Pact Countries made similar type pouches. Often two were worn on the front of the belt when Parading.

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