Sell To Us – Trades – Consignment

We are always on the hunt for original miltiaria similar to what we sell. We discretely buy and trade for single pieces, groupings or collections.

We are federally licensed firearms dealers and manufacturer so firearms can be lawfully shipped to us. Rest assured we only ship to other licensed dealers so that the ultimate buyer will have passed a background check before they take possession of your firearm.

We also will consider consignment pieces on a case by case basis.


We do our best to make the selling transaction satisfactory to all.

Please keep in mind, however, that we have to budget at least 30 minutes of our time for each item we list. This work includes:

1. photography;
2. editing of photographs;
3. current market price research;
4. writing descriptions;
5. populating the various fields our customers ultimately see in the description;
6. answering questions;
7. pulling the item to ship;
8. generating shipping labels;
9. packing boxes; and
10. trips to the post office.

This work must be done for each and every item we sell whether is sells for $9.99 or $1,999.00.

We also spend a great deal of money maintaining this website and pay for marketing so we become better known in this field.

We also routinely run sales to help our clients collect and to reduce our massive inventory.

We only mention these facts to let prospective sellers, consignors and those we trade with understand that selling militaria is a very labor intensive and costly proposition. If we paid retail or traded dollar for dollar we would soon be out of business.

If you are interested, please let us know what you have to offer. Photographs and asking price are appreciated when you contact us.