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North Vietnamese Army Topographic Grid Map SECRET 1:100,000 MY THO SW of Saigon


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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I came across a collection of North Vietnamese Army issue 1:50,000 scale maps many years ago.

I also came across other NVA maps from time to times.

These old maps likely do not exist in Vietnam anymore as they would have been discarded in favor of updated maps published by the PAVN as the years passed and changes to the land occurred, such as new roads, canals and the growth of villages.

They all have the universal elements you will find on military maps from around the world including a legend, identification of adjacent maps, grid to magnetic declination, scale, latitude and longitude etc.

This map covers My Tho and to the North. It is adjacent to the Saigon map.

Finding NVA maps in the collecting world is a difficult task.  Like all items of any intelligence value, they were supposed to be turned over to S-2 (Intelligence) for exploitation.  These maps probably were duplicates, found together, with no exploitable hand written information on them such as defensive positions, AAA positions, routes of travel etc.  Because they had no such value, they were allowed to be kept as souvenirs after a brief in-field review.

This map was made in 1964 and was based on another map from 1955.

The name of this map is printed in the top center of the map. This is the most prominent feature shown on the map such as a village, a river, a mountain, a river etc.

They each show the province and district in the upper left corner. You can more closely examine the location by clicking on the second photo.

Latitude and Longitude are also shown at the corner of each map.  This may help you in finding the area depicted.

Maps were carried only by those who had a need to know such as officers, senior NCOs, engineers, mortar, rocket and those who crewed indirect fire weapons, snipers, transportation personnel etc.  Maps would be carried in mapcases, folded up in pockets and small pouches. They were to be safeguarded at all times and were not supposed to be marked up, lest they be captured.

No Vietnam collection is complete without at least one captured map so make sure you pick up at least one today!

If you want an adjacent map check out CAO LANH listed here.

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