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North Vietnamese Army Certificate March 10, 1962 to Phan-Van Hue


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We obtained a lot of North Vietnamese Army documents all to a single individual born in 1927 spanning his career in the NVA from 1945 to 1972.

His name was Pham-van Hue. He served in various units and locations. One unit he served with was the 330 Division. The 330th consisted of members of the Viet Minh soldiers who moved North after the Anti-French War. In particular, these documents show he served with the 568th Regiment, 7th Bn, 12th Company. Our research shows that the 7th Bn of the 568th Regiment, later became the K2 Battalion of the VC Dong Nai Regiment.

The documents include identification papers, awards and other military records. Many have The Peoples Army of Viet Nam in the upper left Corner; Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the upper right, and Independence, Independence, Happiness and Freedom under that.

According to our cursory review of the document collection, he joined the Viet Minh Resistance and fought against the French.

He was then likely a Viet Cong Main Force Cadre and North Vietnamese Army Regular, being a career man.

We suspect he was killed or captured late in the war prior to the US withdrawal from RVN in March 1973.

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