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North Vietnamese Army Cap Badge


Good Condition

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North Vietnamese Army insignia was developed over decades. They started with simple five pointed stars; added “Du Kich Quan” (Guerrilla Army) under the star; eliminated the writing in favor of brass 1st Model Badge with a simple star; and ended in 1959 with a star with sun bursts behind it, a cog wheel at the bottom and rice stalks surrounding the star.

All of these pre 1975 sun helmet badges are almost always made from cast or stamped BRASS.

The red coating on the front was enamel and is often chipped or has subsurface flaws.

On the other hand, post-1975 SRV sun helmet badges are always made from aluminum and have candy apple red paint rather than enamel. The gold color on the insignia is bright and shiny. There are three exceptions to this rule:

1). NVA small pin back cap badges, like this one, were made from aluminum. They had gilt gold edges and blood red, not candy apple, coloring.

2) There are some early NVA screw back sun helmet badges made in aluminum. Like the above cap badge, they are gilt gold edges and blood red coloring.

3) Viet Cong Sun Helmet Badges were made before 1975 from aluminum as this one. Note the blood red coloring, not candy apple red, and the gilt enamel. After 1975 the DRV took over all optical and military functions and phased out the NLF, including their flag and insignia.

Note the yellow gold coloring.

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