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ISIS AK-47 Desert Color Chestrig Chestpouch


Excellent, New Old Stock Condition

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Initially, when ISIS fighters numbered only a few hundred and used the AK nearly exclusively, they wore mostly Chinese made three cell magazine pouches; Iraqi and Syrian made copies of the Chinese chest pouch with snaps; or locally made derivatives of the Chinese pouch.

However, as time passed, ISIS grew to tens of thousand of fighters. You may recall that the US State Department estimated that ISIS may have had 100,000 fighters. Iraqi officials believed that ISIS had 200,000 fighters.

As black market oil revenues came in and M4 rifles started to be issued widely, stealing, capturing and tailor making small batches of chest rigs became an unsustainable way to equip more than 100,000 fighters with this basic item.

As they greatly expanded their numbers and added M4s, Daesh began to purchase various modern tactical chestrigs. Most of these modern tactical chestrigs worn by ISIS were solid colors, primarily in tan and black polyester or nylon. Various camouflage patterns were also worn but seemingly in smaller number. Many of these had more modern features like MOLLE straps and pouches, velcro closures and chest fields, zipper fronts etc. Some even had hydration bladders and tubes. One Velcro field being worn by an ISIS fighter had an Iraqi flag on it.

We have found news articles regarding retail stores, both in Turkey and occupied Mosul, Iraq, which catered to ISIS fighters. These merchants sold anything a would-be Jihadist would need by way of uniforms, chestrigs, knives, belts, boots, sandals, headscarves, flags, balaclavas etc. However we believe that much of the more commonly seen items, like this chest pouch, was likely purchased through a central purchasing office. We believe there was such a central purchasing in that the Spanish seized 20,000 ISIS uniforms being shipped as used clothing which was in various colors and patterns all cut in ISIS style.

This pouch is easy to spot in photographs once you know what to look for. The velcro front, with single pistol magazine pouch and the many AK magazine pockets with the unique cross shaped stitching on the pocket flap. Of course with anything mass produced, you will find slight variances in dye lots as is the case here compared to the one in the photo of the ISIS fighter.

There are of course no factory labels or markings to give away its origin.

This pouch has interesting features like the red gold thread used to sew it together, the various shades of khaki and the fact the velcro patches used to secure the magazine pouch flaps are simply not very well placed. Take a look at the photo with magazines for this feature. Some stick over the edge pretty far indicating application by an untrained worker. We found a news article documenting the use of Syrian refugee child labor the sew together ISIS uniforms in Turkey. In considering that ISIS gained great wealth as they expanded and took over oil fields it seems to make sense that fast and cheap was the order of day to equip an army that went to a few hundred to as many as 200,000 in just a short time.

Condition is excellent to new with just some dust and storage wear. Having a newer condition ISIS chestrig is quite normal given their stationary defensive posture. Few ISIS Fighters received extensive training and most fought in only one stationary battle, their last.

Magazines are not included, just shown for information.

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