WW2 Japanese Last Ditch Cloth Belt and Ammo Pouch Set


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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Here is a nice last ditch Army and Navy enlisted belt rig with cloth belt/steel buckle and matching canvas, web and leather ammo pouches.

Keep in mind the reproduction pouches have all leather straps and belt buckles. The last two photos show the repros for reference. They are not included

As WW2 progressed and the Japanese homeland was increasingly cut off from natural resources, the materials of equipment worn by the common service member changed rapidly.

With respect to a common commodity, the enlisted waist belt, the rapid change began about 1943.

Until some time in 1943, the standard enlisted waist belt worn by the Army and naval land forces belt was made of leather with a heavy gauge brass buckle.

Due to increasing shortages of leather, the Japanese switch production to a canvas belt impregnated with rubber. This material was strong, durable and better suited to jungle warfare than leather. The buckle changed from brass to simple painted steel.

The next switch was to a belt made of rubber. Some of these were made with cured rubber. If curing agents were not available, none were used. The buckles were steel. From a collecting standpoint, the uncured gear turns hard and brittle; Cured equipment remains flexible and not brittle.  The buckles are steel.

As Japanese shipping was increasingly lost at sea and access to rubber from Indochina and other rubber producing lands was choked off, the final variant arose.  Beginning in late 1944, so-called last ditch” equipment began to be made from cotton. This cotton could take the form of heavy woven canvas, thin cloth or even strips of canvas braided together. The buckles were steel but were even thinner gauge and unpainted. Some of these last ditch items had grommets while some did not.

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