WW2 German Police M34 Helmet with Liner & Chinstrap


Excellent Condition

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An extremely rare fine example of the common German WW2 M34 lightweight helmet with rare SS/Police style single ventilation holes and in Field Grey paint.  Excellent liner and chinstrap.

This helmet is similar to the standard lightweight M34 model except a single set of ventilation holes to each side.  Most Police and Fire Police/Luftschutz helmets have two sets of ventilation holes on each side.  These common M34 helmets are usually in black paint and were issued to the German Police and Fire Police (German designation for the Fire Service) during WWII.  Some of these helmets were also issued to the Luftschutz (WWII Civil Defense organization) alongside the “Gladiator” style Luftschutz helmets.  These helmets had two Police Decals on the sides; or the Large Luftschutz insignia on the front.   The difference between the helmets issued to the Police, Fire Police, and Luftschutz was that the Fire Police and Luftschutz helmets had leather tabs attached to the liner band.  These tabs were used to attach a leather apron at the back of the helmet.  The apron hung down the neck and over the back of the Firefighter’s coat and which prevented ash and hot embers from dropping into the coat.  Having hot coals fall down one’s back is not a pleasant experience.

This particular example has only single vent patterns and never had any decals applied.  The most common use of the M34 helmet with single ventilation holes and Field Grey paint were those helmets used by Police and SS Police units.  Those helmets were normally issued with either Police or SS double decals.   Many M34 Police and SS lightweight helmets were used behind combat lines and frequently by those units involved in The Holocaust.

Why this helmet wasn’t issued with decals is unclear.  However, as is commonly understood in the German militaria field, pre-war and early-war helmets were issued with two decals.  As the war progressed forward and combat area issued helmets were sent out with only a single decal (variations of decals depending on whatever unit owned the helmet), and finally with no decals at all.

It is absolutely possible that this helmet was issued to a Police or SS Police unit involved in activities in rear areas like Poland and Ukraine in the later WWII period.

Enemy militaria cannot say for certain that this is an SS Police helmet and we have priced this item accordingly. Whatever the real purpose of this helmet was, it is certainly quite rare today.

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