WW1 Imperial Russian Anti-German Poster for Bolsheviks


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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A very rare WW1 poster, possibly made in the US but certainly paid for by the US, to promote fear of the Germans amongst the Russian Bolsheviks at a time when Imperial Russia was fighting Germany and fighting Bolsheviks. This poster seems to urge the Bolsheviks to stand down and ally with the Tsar to fight the Germans.

This poster, printed on canvas or linen, depicts a German Soldier stabbing a Russian Bolshevik in the hand. There is blood on the glove so perhaps there was violence preceding this injury.

The soldier’s glove says ГЕРМАНИЯ – Germany. Clearly it is a German bayonet and rifle, stuck in the Bolshevik’s hand, not a Model 1891 rifle with spike bayonet.

The red Bolshevik flag says свобода – Liberty

The Cyrillic at the Bottom left indicates The American Press Bureau. The Artist is PTH Gorokheva

As you know, the Russian government ordered 1.5 million M1891 infantry rifles from Remington Arms and another 1.8 million from New England Westinghouse Company in the United States in 1915. This poster clearly follows suit.

“The American Press Bureau,” headed by Arthur Bullard, was established to help promote good relations between the people of the United States and Russia during the First World War.

The publisher’s efforts included promoting American values, explaining various facets of American life, touting industrial, technological and economic successes, and clarifying the American point of view on current events.

It was clearly in America’s interest to have all Russians fighting Germany.

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