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Viet Cong Propaganda Newspaper – 1965


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The NVA and NLF were expert at propaganda.

In addition to publishing materials in English to propagandize Americans, they also printed a great deal in Vietnamese to sway the Vietnamese to their side.

The NVA and VC also made propaganda for those who were already in the NVA or Viet Cong.  This material typically told the story of valiant fighters and units who overcame great odds on the battlefield.   In this way the individual soldier could have role models to try to emulate.  The material also extolled the virtues of communism over capitalism, described ARVN and American atrocities, low morale, etc.

The propaganda took the form of booklets, newspapers, and other printed materials.   Political Officers in each company were responsible to make sure the fighters were routinely indoctrinated in this material and would hold meetings to discuss the material.  Because of the need to bring other supplies South, these materials were not widely distributed but were more often retained by the political officer.  This material could be passed around in the unit so individuals who could read had an opportunity to do so.  Later the Political Officer would discuss the material that had been passed around.

Because of the wide variety of these materials and their constant use in the NVA and VC, having a piece or two is a must.

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