Viet Cong NLF North Vietnamese Army Medal Award 1960


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The NLF and NVA issued a large array of awards, medals and orders, some as early as the 1950s. Very few made their way South to be captured by U.S. service members. Those which are documented are quite rare.

Some had metal “ribbons” under which the medal hung, some had narrow rectangular cloth ribbons on the suspension bar and yet others had triangular cloth suspension ribbons. Some VC awards were hand sewn cloth rosettes made in the field when medals were not available. Sometimes, scarves were handed out in lieu of medals and awards.

Since the Viet Cong NLF failed to exist after 1975, having been disbanded or absorbed into SRVs various military, paramilitary and political organizations, awards with VC flags were not produced after Saigon Fell. As such, I feel confident that these types of VC medals and awards are pre 1975 made and will extend my lifetime guarantee of authenticity on them.

As for those medals and awards with only SRV flags and red ribbons, I am less confident about when they might have been made. Having liked the uniforms, weapons, headgear and field gear more, I never really went after them. Regardless, in over 40 years of buying collections, one tends to acquire them. Please do the research which I have not yet done on these NVA medals so that you are satisfied that what you buy will fit in your collection.

In any case, I will offer all of them here as they represent a fascinating variety at a very modest price.

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