Viet Cong Jungle Made 20mm Toe Popper Booby Trap


Excellent, New Old Stock, Very Good Condition: One wooden upright support has broken off. This could be repaired easily with wood glue and a rubber band.

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Here is a very desirable Viet Cong jungle-made anti-personnel mine.

The VC used found 20mm shells as the charge container. They then mounted a steel fish hook firing device alongside the casing with a hand made aluminum band. The small wooden base had three upright supports so that the mine was oriented upward.

When a GI or ARVN stepped on the mine, which was buried in a shallow hole and covered with foliage, the downward pressure on the sliding fish hook immediately fired off the blasting cap which instantaneously ignited the charge inside. The result would be a nasty foot or toe injury.

This one is completely inert.

These are well documented in intelligence manuals on NVA VC mines and boobytraps.

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