Viet Cong Commanders Document Unit 105 August 14, 1969


Good, Very Good Condition

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Finding typewritten enemy documents in collector circles is extremely rare. This is because, by regulation, all written material found on the battlefield is required to be turned into the unit command. From there it would be forwarded to S-2, the intelligence section, for review and exploitation. Higher commands feed on battlefield intelligence. This is one of the primary reason dead enemy soldiers and enemy fortifications are throughly searched.

When actionable intelligence is found amongst the documents, another mission is planned.  The next mission could be the bombing of a now-identified cache, command post, defensive position or perhaps another full on deliberate attack if all the documents point in the direction and are deemed not to be misinformation.  In the alternative, patterns of enemy activity can be established that might lead to future operations.

At the intelligence center, over time, stacks of non-actionable enemy documents gather.  I suspect that they are eventually burned or, in this case, could be taken as souviners by those who staff these units.  As you see, because of the inability of the average soldier to keep the document, finding captured enemy documents is rare in the collecting field.

This document and those we offer here must have passed through S-2 and were deemed of no actionable intelligence value.

They make fine display items amongst your personal effects display or command post display.   The can be translated and their mystery unlocked.

This typewritten document is a nice find.

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