[Cold War]

Soviet Russian 1952 SKS and AK-47 Sling with Metal End Tab


Excellent, New Old Stock Condition

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The Soviet AK-47 went into mass production in 1949; The SKS in 1950.

This is the correct sling for all early Soviet SKSs and AK-47s made in mid 1952 and after.

These early SKS and AK-47 slings had a leather tab holding on the D-Ring/Clip, not metal like this one.

These leather end tabs were not as durable and were replaced by a steel band in mid 1952 like this one.

The markings on these early slings, were often done sloppily, definitely not for us collectors.

This one  includes the Hammer and Sickle mark and 52r. The small “r” next to the two digit is the Russian abbreviation for year. Soviet slings also include OTK which is the Soviet military acceptance mark.

Some slings made in this era, like magazine pouches and other web gear, is a nice khaki brown while others are khaki-green like this one.

This is the first year production with the metal end band.


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