RVN Identification 1967


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This type of identification would make a great display item for both your ARVN display and captured Viet Cong display.

Keep in mind that most Viet Cong, excluding North Vietnamese Cadre,  were citizens of the Republic of Viet Nam before they became VC.  One might say they held dual citizenship both in the VC and the RVN.  As such, a VC may have carried several types of RVN identification documents in order to move about the province.

This type of document would have been carried in case the VC had the chance to try to blend back into the populace following an engagement, when out gathering supplies,  while working amongst the RVN population, when traveling to see relatives or other Viet Cong elsewhere in the RVN etc.   This type of document would have been found on dead Viet Cong regularly for these reasons.

In fact, to be caught without appropriate RVN identification would surely have meant a trip with the ARVN, the military police or some police authorities for interrogation.

Get a piece or two this type of material, or a small variety,  and add another facet to your display!

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