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[Cold War, Vietnam War]

North Vietnamese Army Viet Cong MUV Bounding Mine Fuse


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This is a rare variant of the MUV pressure fuse.

It was brought back from Vietnam with the other ordnance items and USMC Intel manual we just listed. As you can see there are remnants of yellow Vietnamese language words painted onto the top of the fuse.

This fuse could be used as either a direct pressure fired fuse, a trip wire fuse or a command detonated fuse. Multiple mines along a trail could be fired simultaneously with just one fuse igniting.

This fuse was installed in the Soviet OZM series of bounding mines. When detonated, a small charge on the base of the cast iron mine thrust the mine up through the soil to about waist height. There it would immediately detonate the TNT inside the mine and fracture the body of the mine in a 360 degree circle. Lethality is said to be about 13 meters/42 feet in all directions. Some mines had steel pellets inside of them.

It is very rare to find this fuse on the loose. This one is complete as you can see.

Completely inert.

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