North Vietnamese Army Viet Cong Ho Chi Minh Sandals


Very Good Condition

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Here is a nice pair of original Ho Chi Minh sandals.

Ho Chi Minh sandals were not only worn by the Viet Cong in the South, but also by the NVA when their issues canvas and rubber sneakers wore out, which did not take long on the long march to the South.

Ho Chi Minh sandals were made using worn out, discarded, bias ply rubber tires for the sole and cut inner tubes for the straps.

A custom tool was used to pass the inner-tubing through the body of the sandal. The tool consisted of opposing metal blades folded over a metal D ring. The blades were soaped for lubrication and then pushed through the bottom of the sandals. Once through the sole, the blades were opened. The inner-tube straps were laid in between the blades and pull to size. This system always left a little bit of rubber straps handing out of the bottom of the sandal. These bits of rubber would wear down and sometimes off over the life of the sandals. A tell tale sign of real HCM sandals is the straps will show visible signs of wear. The longer they were worn, the less rubber will be visible.

A good pair of captured HCM sandals will have at least some visible wear on the soles. They will also have at least some visible wear on the ends of the inner-tube straps that stick out of the bottom of the sole. They will also be a small size. Over a long period of time, they will also loose the natural curve of the tire. HCM sandals are cheap, comfortable to wear and simply rarely wear out.

These are 9 1/8 end to end, plus they show some visible age and dirt.

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