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[Vietnam War]

North Vietnamese Army Viet Cong Handmade Manual on Antiaircraft Defense with APC


Very Good Condition

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This is an approximately 20 page hand made phamplet believed to be regarding the the movement and principles of employment of air defense equipment.

It was likely recorded by an AAA officer or unit commander to document instruction on the subject matter. The photograph was hand applied and was possibly taken from a propaganda magazine to “spice up” the bland look of his carefully written phamplet.

Throughout the war the NVA and VC were greatly concerned with casualties caused by US and RVNAF aircraft so all unit commanders would be required to attend training on the principles of air defense weapons and policy.

This type of material is rare as it was to be immediately turned into S-2 for intelligence exploitation. In the S-2 community, the highest valued intelligence material was a handwritten document such as this versus a mass produced printed document which typically contain less actionable material.

The APC, a BTR-40, on the cover would be suited to moving an AAA cannon great distances and may even have a AAA cannon, 23mm or 37mm, mounted in the back. This photo is well known and oft reproduced and dates from the late 1960s or very early 1970s.

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