North Vietnamese Army Radio with Vietnamese Dials and Battledamage


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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Field telephones connected by hard wire were the primary means of reliable communication in the North Vietnamese Army.  Wireless radios were often only issued at Division level.  Sometimes they were issued at Regimental level if available.  Battalions, Companies and platoons used field phones or communication runners.

Field phones connected units so that commanders could speak with subordinate and superior commands.   These networks were connected by small portable switchboards.

During heavy bombings the wires would be cut making it necessary for lineman to go out and make repairs under fire.

For these reasons, wireless radios captured in Viet Nam from the NVA and VC were very rare.  This is the most rare of all the radios we have seen. It has all the dials in Vietnamese and has batteldamage from what appears to be an M16 round.

It needs and antenna and headset but any standard communist made items will do as they seem to be universal size.

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