[Vietnam War]

North Vietnamese Army NLF Ho Chi Minh Trail Infiltration Certification Receipt Unit 6816


Very Good Condition

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This is an NVA blank receipt for a soldier to document distance traveled while infiltrating from the North to the South. We know this is an infiltration document as it bears a unit 6816 rubber stamp. Unit 6410 is an encoded identifier for an NVA unit going South.

This type of material was invaluable to the intelligence community to document the movement of units or for use during interogation of a POW. At some point they are no longer actionable and could be kept by an Intel type. The average grunt would be required to turn such S-2 documents into his unit command.

The upper left of the receipt says People's Army of Viet Nam. The upper right says the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam underneath is says Independence Happiness and Freedom.

There is a place for he order number, Comrade's name, position, the destination and the items to be carried

The left side is the authentication side where a person in authority certifies the travel.

The right side of the the form is used for identify if the soldier is going by vehicle, bicycle or on foot and can be used to document the kilometers traveled during an the time period.

The back side has places to recap the journey and possibly to pay for the distance traveled.

These were used to document and pay for travel between way stations along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

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