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[Vietnam War]

North Vietnamese Army Officer Identification Booklet 1965

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One of the most rare of NVA collectibles is an ID Booklet.  They are the most personal of effects.

Early ones had a plain brown cardboard cover. Later versions had a pink plastic booklet with the NVA emblem embossed on the exterior.  Both versions had the NVA badge printed in color inside.

The name, rank, date of birth and date of entry into the PAVN are noted.

This NVA Communications Officer was born in 1940.  His ID was issued in 1965 with another entry in 1966.  Next of kin are listed in the back of the ID.

ID booklets were not supposed to have been carried South so they are exceedingly rare, especially officer ranks.

They would have been carried wrapped in some waterproof material as they would have easily been smudged or fallen apart when wet.

I have only owned a handful of these.  Do not pass up the opportunity to own the hold grail of NVA collecting!

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