North Vietnamese Army ChiCom Twin Type 57 Anti-Aircraft Gun Sights in Can


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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The North Vietnamese Army employed a variety of anti-aircraft cannons during the Vietnam war.

They surrounded all the major cities in the North.  AAA cannons were also found in South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos protecting the Ho Chi Minh trail and other strategic positions.

The majority of the NVA aircraft cannons came from China and Russia. 23 mm, 37mm and 57 mm were common calibers. Some had single barrels while others had two barrels.

The larger guns used two gunners, one on each side of the cannon. In front of each gunner was a Type 57 optical sight. The sight has a bullseye view with crosshairs.

Two Type 57 optical sights came in an issue steel can such as we are offering here.

Jane Fonda, allowed herself to be photographed sitting on such an aircraft gun in the north.  In fact, as the photos here show, she even looked through a sight of the very type we are offering here.


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