North Vietnamese Army 1st Model Sun Helmet and Cap Badge Named


Excellent Condition

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This is the first model North Vietnamese Army Cap Badge. The predecessor to this badge was the simple five pointed star badge worn by the Viet Minh. Following the defeat of the French the NVA standardized their headgear insignia with this badge.

As you can see it is stamped brass with enamel and a factory pin back. At the time this badge was introduced the NVA issue helmet was either bamboo with a cloth cover or was made of pith without the front center grommet.

This badge was pinned to the front of the helmet or to whatever cloth cap was issued at the time. Most wartime photographs show this on helmets.

In 1959 this badge was to be replaced with the standard NVA badge with a cog at the bottom, rice stalks on the side and a star with sunburst behind it. However this badge was worn well into the late 1960s as seen in photos and on captured headgear.

This one has a replacement pin back. T5

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