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Iraqi Special Forces Republican Guard Thunder Troops Paratrooper Jump Smock DPM Camouflage


New Old Stock Condition

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It was made in South Korea in the 1980s for issue only to Iraqi Airborne qualified troops. Before Desert Storm the Iraqi military had money to spend and sourced their uniforms from abroad. South Korea and Romania were common places where the Iraqi Ministry of Defense spent their money.

The pattern of this smock has not changed since the British military introduced the Dennison jump smock to the Iraqi Kingdom following WWII. This was THE status symbol of elite Iraqi troops. Only airborne qualified soldiers were issued these relatively expensive and highly specialized jump smocks. Camouflage smocks like this were issued only to the Special Forces, Airborne qualified Republican Guard and Iraqi Thunder Troops.

This jump smock has the “lobster tail” which passes from the rear of the jacket, under the crotch, and snaps into the interior sides of the smock. This secures the smock to the jumper during airborne operations and gives a bit of extra padding to the wearer's crotch. Two wide, heavy, cotton or nylon parachute harness straps pass from the lower portion of the parachute pack tray, under the crotch, to the front of the parachute harness' quick release hardware.

There are also grommeted vent holes under the arms for ventilation, elastic wrist bands, take up tabs on the lower sides, a heavy duty zipper, shoulder epaulets and a fantastic label in the neck.

This one has never been patched, issued or worn. Some Iraqi soldiers wore them fully patched in combat while others wore them unpatched for better camouflage.

This could be made into either an officer's uniform with the addition of shoulder boards or into an enlisted uniform with removable sleeve rank. We have some of each in stock.

This smock would be worn with a maroon beret or helmet.

It has fantastic Iraqi Ministry of Defense Labeling in the neck as you can see. We compared the camouflage pattern on this smock to the pattern on the smock with the known Hyundai (HHD) labeled smock and found it to be an exact match in pattern and material. See the last photograph showing the back of two jackets side by side.

The colors are bright with no damage or staining. It has never been worn or washed. The metal snaps have all their paint as far as we can see.

We a matching DPM uniform or two; correct Iraqi maroon berets; plus and all the elite insignia you need to complete the impression.

These were worn in OIF and Desert Storm.

We have Medium and Large in stock. These are stock photos.

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