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[Gulf Wars, World War 2]

Iraqi Republican Guard BMP-1 APC Weapons Manual Desert Storm


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Here is a very rare Iraqi manual for the BMP-1. The Iraqi Army had hundreds of these amphibious BMPs. These were the primary infantry fighting vehicle of the Iraqi Republican Guard.

This is not a boring manual on changing the oil or replacing tracks. It is the manual concerning operations of all the weapons systems on board. These include the AKM, PKT, the Sagger AT rockets, RPG-7, and the 73mm main gun.

It is 193 pages long and is full of illustrations. This one has a field made replacement cover from heavy cardboard with Arabic on the cover. The book is dated 1987 inside the front cover in Arabic. These began to be mass produced in 1966 by the USSR.

As with weapons systems exported around the world the Soviet's produced their Russian language manual in whatever language was needed to support the sale of Soviet weapons systems. Iraq had hundreds of these APCs and used them in the Iran Iraqi War, The Invasion of Kuwait, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom.

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