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Iraqi Made Desert Camouflage Uniform OIF


Excellent, New Old Stock Condition

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This is a hard to find desert camouflage uniform with a great Arabic label sewn into the collar and various Iraqi Ministry of Defense stamps in the neck.

This particular desert camouflage pattern was first encountered in OIF and is an example of the lower quality Iraqi made uniform encountered in OIF compared to Desert Storm.

These were worn tucked in with trousers bloused into high field boots. The cut is the standard Iraqi issue with pleated patch pockets; shoulder straps; three pistol belt loops on the trousers and a button fly. The shirt also has a double pencil pocket on one sleeve

Due to the devastation felt in the Iraqi economy after Desert Storm, with international sanctions in place, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense spent much less on military supplies including uniforms. As a result, Iraq began to manufacture many of its own uniforms in the 1990s. The quality and durability of these Iraqi made uniforms was lower than the uniforms previously made for Iraq such as those made in Romania, South Korea and elsewhere.

After Desert Storm the cotton twill used was much more loosely woven and thinner. This thiner loose weave wore out quickly. The uniform sewing quality in Iraq was also not up to par with that of South Korea or Romania. There are no cargo pockets on these.

Camouflage uniforms were a bit more common in OIF, but still the average Iraqi soldier was never issued a set. Green was fairly standard. Camouflage was considered the normal issue to The Republican Guard, Special Forces and Thunder Troops.

We have a few sets of these now. Jackets are 46, 50 and one size 52. Waist sizes are 32 to 38 and one 44. The inseams are all about 29 inches as they were tucked into high boots.

The photos here are stock photos showing the standard features and some of the MOD stamps.

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