Historic WW2 USMC Camouflage Poncho Unit Marked Iwo Jima, Tinian, Saipan & Roi-Namur


Very Good Condition

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These were used as ponchos but could also make lean-tos, expedient shelters and as ground sheets.

The factory markings were simple ink stamps. They wash out when used.

This poncho is historic in that is has a unit mark to C Co. 14th Marines. The 14th Marines served in WW2 as a 105mm Artillery Regiment in the 4th Marine Division.

They made their four amphibious landings. The first assault was at Roi Namuber in 1944; then Saipan in 1944; then Tinian in 1944, and finally Iwo Jima in 1945.

The SP initials are likely “Shore Party.” This may have been unassigned unit equipment packed with the additional unit supplies necessary to make an amphibious landing. Unassngned means it was not assigned to an individual but rather was property of the Shore Party. Unit equipment examples include such things as large shovels, tents, gas cans, generators, sand bags, folding tables and chairs, etc. Whereas an Infantry Company has to carry everything they need on the backs of men, an Artillery unit simply needs more equipment to function. They need to set up camp to communicate, calculate target data etc.

The way this poncho could be used as shade in the FDC (Fire Direction Center), Communications Squad or just as a spare in case a Marine lost one and needed a replacement. Obviously, this poncho was there as it is used, still a little dirty, and has a few pin holes. It is pliable and can be folded into the shape you want or rolled. The trick to WW2 ponchos is to put them in the sunlight before you fold or roll them. These are approaching 80 years old so the heat of the day softens them up quickly.

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