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[World War 2]

German WW2 Leather Holster for Hungarian P37 Pistol Berlin 1942


Excellent Condition

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As you know the Germans confiscated all firearms in countries they occupied.

These weapons, including handguns, were re-issued back into German service for units in need of firearms. Some went to the Army, the SS, the Luftwaffe, the Navy, the Gestapo and to the Police.

This reissue occurred at a time when production of German made small arms could not keep pace with the mobilization of millions of German men in a couple year's time.

This lot is an example of a German-made holster for reissue to a German of a confiscated firearm, the Hungarian P37 Pistol as the Germans called it.

The code CDC represents items made by Kern, Klauger u. Co., Lederwaren, Berlin.

The P37 weapon was commonly used by the Luftwaffe and to a much lesser extent the Navy. The brown color of this holster suggests it was made for the Luftwaffe either for aviation personnel or Luftwaffe Ground forces.

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