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[Vietnam War]

East German North Vietnamese Viet Cong Mauser Ammunition Pouch


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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The North Vietnamese Militia and Viet Cong carried a great many bolt action rifles including many Mauser Rifles. You can find scores of pictures documenting this fact.

Many Mausers were WWII German made. They were captured on the Eastern Front or when Russia invaded Germany. Following WWII the Soviets refinished them, packed them in crates of 10 and put them away for later use. They did not waste firearms in the USSR.

Crates of these German Mausers, some with newly made DDR pouches, 10 rifles and pouches per crate, made their way to Hanoi abroad cargo ships. They were given or traded to Hanoi. Some of these Mausers stayed in the North and were amongst the many bolt action rifles carried by the NVA Militia.

Many of these Rifles made their way South and were carried by the Viet Cong.

This is a post WWII DDR made pouch of synthetic leather for use by the NVA or VC with a Mauser Rifle. Each section of the pouch holds 10 rounds, 30 rounds per pouch. Sometimes the DDR obscured their markings to hide the fact they were supporting Hanoi.

If you have a Viet Nam captured Mauser this is the pouch for you!

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