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[Cold War]

DDR East German MPiKM AK-47 semiautomatic 7.62x39mm


Factory New Condition

This item has been sold

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This rifle started out in our hands as a sanitized East German parts kit. The serial numbers were removed for clandestine export to a battlefield, likely after the DDR fell. Many ended up in Egypt where they were later sent to the Balkans where Muslim fighters used them. All of the parts are original DDR except the receiver, barrel, FCG & muzzle break.

The bolt, bolt carrier, and trunnion have Suhl proofs as shown. The Handguard retainer has the unique DDR wide sling loop and the cast gas block has the typical 1980s DDR mold number. The furniture is pure DDR 1980s stuff. The N battlesight leaf sight is typical DDR, while the rear sight base and front sight base have single letter DDR proofs. The sling is DDR polyester or nylon.

Kits like this one are bringing $1,000 and up. Add the cost of a CHF chrome lined barrel, now $250, a decent receiver, if you can find one, demilling and build labor, plus a beautiful bluing job and you will see what a good value this is. Better yet, buy this one and you don’t have to hunt these parts down and stand in line to get your stuff built before Biden, Beto & AOC come for it.


Here is great example of a rare stanped receiver AKM in 7.62x39mm built by hand to accurately represent an Original AK. Better yet, it’s a semiautomatic so you can actually own it in the majority of states without spending massive amounts of your children’s inheritance.


The receiver is a new made stamped receiver. The maker marks are located on the bottom of the receiver between the front and rear of the trigger guard. This aides greatly in the Original AK look It is fully heat treated including the rails.


The barrel is a brand new, cold hammer forged barrel made outside the United States. It is chrome lined for years of life. It has only been test fired. Proper headspace is checked with a GO & a NO GO gauge. We also used a laser bore sight to insure you can accurately zero this rifle. Like the receiver, these barrels are sold out and cost a bunch


We installed the barrel to properly headspace. We then hand fit all the parts so the action operates smoothly and so it will field strip properly.


In keeping with the look of an Original AK, after fitment, we blued this rifle rather than painted it. It’s a much more expensive process, but we feel it makes it more correct for the collector. This type of AKM always left the arsenal blued.


Because we started with a new receiver, naturally we had to mark the receiver with correct foreign selector switch markings to make it look authentic. An experienced graphic artist used our library of original scrap receiver parts and/or photos to get the font, size and location to match the original.


We check the fitment of various surplus AK47 AKM double stack magazines. No magazine is included with this rifle.

We have been building all kinds of collectable AKs from parts kit for more than four years, one at a time, piece by piece.

We do our best to offer original AKs, parts and accessories for collectors and shooters at a price the average working guy can afford.


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