ChiCom Hanoi Advisor Enlisted Uniform – 1967 Plain Buttons


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In addition to providing more than 75% of the material Hanoi needed to fight in the 1960s and early 1970s, the ChiComs since have admitted they sent tens of thousands of advisors to Hanoi during the war.

These advisors served in various roles including consulting on engineering and re-construction projects, air defense, logistics, and all manner of military training and consulting. Some books indicate that the ChiComs also traveled South to advise on and observe combat at the Front. Many have written about seeing and killing ChiCom advisors whose bodies were wisked away. Certainly many ChiCom advisors served along the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos and Cambodia. The ChiComs also sent fighter pilots to assist Hanoi. Basically they were everywhere.

This is the type of uniform worn by ChiCom officers having four pockets. This uniform was also sent to the Pathet Lao and Khmer Rouge by the ChiComs.


These button are the type worn by PLA soldiers not at home and the type sent overseas as war aide in that they do not have the 8 and 1 Chinese characters found on most large buttons. The 8 and 1 represent August 1, 1949 the day upon which the PLA was formed.

The last two photos show some ChiCom advisors in Viet Nam wearing this type of uniform along with NVA Sun Helmets. The article gives some insight.

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