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Captured North Korean Steel Helmet named to Jun Sun Lee


Excellent, New Old Stock, Very Good Condition

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This is a very rare captured North Korean steel helmet we purchased in the 1980s from a Marine who served with 1/7, 1st Marine Division. He captured this helmet in Wonson, North Korea in late October, 1950.

He carried it up to the Chosin Reservoir as a souvenir, There the Chinese made entry into the Korean War in December 1950, which lead to a longest advance to the rear in the history of the Marines. He also captured a Chinese khaki winter vest with brass buttons. It was worn under the uniform. He refused to sell this to us then as it is what kept his warm during the fight and had more sentimental value than the helmet. The Marines made it to the port of Hangnum, North Korea where he was evacuated.

As you can see, the KPA soldier scratched his hame in Hangul prominently into the top of the helmet near the front. His name was Jun Sun Lee. If you have ever served, putting your name on your own gear, especially that which you wear on your head prevents theft and keeps your own stink on your own gear. Better to wear your own stink that someone else's!

This is a WW2 vintage Soviet M1940 helmet. It has the original three pad oilcloth liner and detachable khaki tan chin strap. There are brads that hold the chinstrap in place. Post war helmets had their chinstrap's sewn to the bail.

Complete Soviet WW2 helmets with liners and straps which are untouched are very scare. Named KPA helmets are ten times more rare.

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