AMAZING – US Civil War Infantry Belt with Buckle, Cartridge Box, Cap Box & Musket Tools


Excellent, Very Good Condition

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This is one of the most interesting items we have offered here on Enemy Militaria.

This is an untouched, not put together, 100% original, Civil War U.S. Infantryman’s belt rig. It appears to have been assembled during the Civil War and has stayed together ever since then.

Collectors will associate the correct items to assemble such a rig as this, but this is undoubtedly not such an item. Look at the color and wear of the brown leather. It is consistent throughout on all three pieces. The only visible wear is to the loops on the back of the ammunition pouch and cap pouch. This is to be expected as the weight of the pouch, when full, would have rubbed constantly against the Union soldier’s body as he marched South. The cap pouch loops, on the other hand, are not worn nearly as much as the cartridge box. This is arguably because caps weigh much less than lead and powder and would rub much less.

The belt is well marked and made by E.A. Grossman & Co Newark N.J plus. It has the brass belt retainer guide on the left side. It is also marked by the US ORD DEPT SUB Inspector. It is 42 inches in

The buckle is poured-lead into the brass front and claws/hook. The claws are the arrow hooked pattern. We took a photo of the edge of the buckle to illustrate how the lead and brass came together.

The cap pouch has the maker stamp and the US Sub. Inspector stamp. The cap pouch has what appears to be cotton inside. We can feel that there are many percussion caps under the cotton. However, we elected to keep them inside.

The Model 1864 Cartridge Box was made by S.N. Young Newark NJ. It was designed to carry paper-wrapped minnie balls and rifle maintenance tools. No matter when, Soldiers must maintain their rifles and must be supplied with the proper equipment to do so. The two tin trays fit inside the pouch. The trays had tools and a tin of caps inside.

These maintenance tools are all included. The first two are bullet worms to remove.58 cal minnie-balls (bullets). They attach to the cleaning rod. There is a nipple wrench with two sizes of flat blade screw drivers. There is also a set of connected pin punches, in different sizes, to assist in removing barrel bands.

Inside the ammunition pouch was also a spare tin of 100 Army Waterproof Percussion Caps. It is full. It is so tight that the lid does not come off easily. We will not force it.

Finally, the paper wrapped .36 cal cartridge is arguably for his last resort .36 cal. Revolver. Many Civil War soldiers carried last ditch weapons in case they were overrun. This came with the set so we elected to keep it together.

This great rig came from the late Glenn Maddox collection.

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