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[Gulf Wars, World War 2]

1988 Iraqi Made Tabuk (AKM) Semiautomatic Rifle


Excellent, New Old Stock Condition

This item has been sold

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This is an original Iraqi Tabuk AKM that has been re-manufacured by us as a semiautomatic rifle.

This wonderful semiautomatic, legal to own, AK-74 type rifle was built from an ORIGINAL Iraqi Tabuk parts kit on a fully heat treated receiver made by us at Original AK.

The Iraqis produced small arms under license from the Yugoslavs who set up their factories. These were made in very small numbers. Two versions of the Tabuk were made in Iraq. The more common has the Lion on the rear sight base.

All Tabuks have unique Iraqi features that distinguish them from Yugos, the Two Rivers Arms version or one off clones built on Yugo parts. These unique Iraqi made features include, the front sight, gas block, grip, rubber buttplate, and grip. Only a handful of original Iraqi Tabuk kits made it back.

We have included photos of the original receiver scrap that was removed from the kit when we receiver it. When we got the kit, the bolt head was cut and there was no barrel.

The Iraqi selector marks are STAMPED into the fully heat treated receiver, not milled or etched like all other builders do. The serial number on the trunnion is the same serial number under the trigger guard where we put our required maker marks.

As you can see it’s all matching but the bolt.

The finish is a polished hot dip blue.

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