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[Cold War, Vietnam War]

1960 East German MPi-K (AK-47) Semiautomatic Rifle

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Excellent Condition

This item has been sold

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This is an original East German DDR AK-47 that has been re-manufacured by us as a semiautomatic rifle.

This wonderful semiautomatic, legal to own, AK-47 type 3 rifle was built using the front 1/3 section of an origninal saw cut 1960 dated East German MPi-K Receiver AK-47 that had been imported years ago plus other type 3 AK-47 parts. The East German markings and serial number are original to the front end of the receiver.

The top cover, unnumbered op rod, rear sling swivel, butt stock, grip, leaf sight, buttplate, selector, hand guards and barrel parts are all DDR. <p> The bolt/carrier and gas tube have only a four digit number. They do not have DDR proof marks that we can find.

This build has an original Hungarian, cold hammer forged, chrome lined, screw in, type 3 barrel. Note the proofs. If we had a DDR Barrel we would certainly have used it but they are to available.

Once we had the parts, we had a new, US-made, back 2/3 of a fixed stock receiver professionally welded onto the front 1/3 by Turbothis of Talent, OR. It was then machined up seamlessly to accept the selector switch and cross pins and properly align the bolt carrier rails. For those of you not familiar with this process, one company in particular, Turbothis, does this work and has been so doing for more than 15 years. We have never heard of any failure with his products.

The DDR D and E selector marks were then milled into the receiver just like on Original MPi-K.

The DDR furniture is correct for this year.

The finish is a polished hot dip blue.

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